Are you worried about why your content marketing is failing?


Image Courtesy: Google Images

Image Courtesy: Google Images

With the rising importance of content marketing, all marketers make use of this useful tool to attract potential customers’. But what is pertinent to note is ‘how many of marketers are getting the desired Return on Investment (ROI)? Not many get it right? The answer to this is that many factors mold the process of content marketing and how it works. So today, on this blog piece, let’s point out some factors that you as a content marketer have been following and because of which you fail to get the desired output. Take a look-

  1. Undecided Buyer Persona

When you are creating a content, you, of course, want to push across the message to your target audience or want your audience to connect with you. Now, did you evaluate if you are not aimlessly creating content? It may so be that you are not very clear of your buyer’s persona and is, therefore, creating content that does not match up to the tone, language, and voice of your potential customer. In such a case, the content is bound to fail as it fails to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, always remember to understand the defined buyer’s persona first and then create a blog, whitepaper, social media post or any other content piece for brand promotion.

  1. Blind Eye to Buyer’s Journey

Ignoring to your buyer’s journey is another flaw as content marketers most commit. Just think, if you do not consider what buyers consider before buying any product can you come up with a fruitful content? It is why, always remember buyers consider- awareness, consideration, and decision as three important decisions before buying any product. So your content must be attuned to these three stages to yield good results out of your content. The other thing to pay much heed to is that in each stage of buyer’s journey you will witness different demands for content. So at the stage of product awareness, contents such as whitepapers, eBooks, Blogs, How-to-videos, and checklists perform better. While at the stage of considerations, Case studies, FAQs, Demo Videos and Data Sheet give better results. Finally in the stage of decision, Free Trial, Live Demo, and estimates are ideal for a better outcome. Hence, carefully map your content to the buyer’s journey and find Solid ROI from content marketing

  1. Ignoring Customer’s Empathy Map

Now this is one of the common mistakes that most content marketers make. Without deriving any insight on the customer’ mind, the content marketers start writing contents that is simply vague. Yes, never do it! You are doing more harm for yourself and the company your represent. Therefore take a careful step on understanding buyer’s persona and buyer’s journey to come up with an effective persuasive content for the product. So in order to get into your customer’s mind, you need to make use of customer empathy map. It will help you know what your customers want, what they think, what they want to achieve and most importantly what influences them most. A deep insight into your customer’s mind will help you to write content that addresses their pain points and generate leads fast.

  1. Go wrong with Marketing Channel

Another vital factor is noting down which channel your customer spends most of their time. Say if, they are very active on social media, there is no point you share most of your content on search channels. No matter how aggressively you fuel your content but if it is not fired in the right channel, it is effortless. So perform A/B testing to check out which channels are giving the most returns and which are doing the otherwise. The channels that give good results; focus on these channels and maximize your returns from content marketing.

  1. Ignoring the power of SEO

Be whatever it is, no one can undermine the potential of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some marketers get over-swayed by single marketing tools and do not understand that one is related to the other. So the idea is, if one is focusing on content marketing, they also need to pay equal attention to SEO. Remember SEO is one of the important aspects of content marketing and so make a research of potential keywords. Do not over stuff your content with too many keywords but what you need is a little bit of important keywords in the content. Also, devote some of your time on title tags, meta descriptions, slugs, alt tags for images and interlinks. As you need your contents to rank better for appropriate visibility. Note, there are tons of good content that are not getting good visibility only because there is no appropriate meta descriptions and title tags in it. Thus having said it all, check if you are a victim of any of the above-mentioned factors unknowingly. Content marketing has a great scope in the present time and if you do it right, it can take you right up with your marketing efforts. Avoid the mistakes and boost your ROI. Good Luck!

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