Stay Healthy And Fit With The Non-Greasy Rice Bran Oil In Your Food!

Bran Oil with Olive Oil With people increasingly becoming conscious about the health effects of excessive oil in the food, it is important to know the health benefits of consuming rice bran oil. This oil is not just palatable but it consists of a host of another beneficial effect that is hard to miss out. It not just makes the food tastier but helps in reducing inflammation. It helps cut down cholesterol level and act over the counter solution for a host of heart-related problems.

This oil can be used for the preparation of both vegetarian dishes as well as the non-vegetarian delicacies too. From health’s perspective, this oil is fast becoming a popular ingredient of many households as-

1.   It helps in lowering the cholesterol level

2.   Boosts up the immune system

3.   Helps in preventing cancer

4.   Improves the skin health

5.   Help reduce body weight

6.   Relieves menopausal symptoms

7.   Protects the heart

8.   Increases cognitive strength &

9.   Lowers allergic reaction in the body

Rice being the staple food of Asian countries, therefore, this oil is popular among the people of this continent. But with awareness on health, the oil is now being used increasingly by other countries of another continent as well. The oil is lighter, priced low and comes loaded with rich contents of Vitamin E, ideal fatty acid balance, antioxidant capacity and cholesterol-lowering abilities.

Comparison of Rice Bran Oil with Olive Oil

1.   Rice Bran Oil is rich in two unusual compounds namely the oryzanol and tocotrienols which other oils lack in it. The ingredient oryzanol is helpful in absorbing cholesterol in the body. It works as the Cholesterol- lowering margarine.

Tocotrienols are fat soluble compounds which convert Vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E is a very good agent for the heart.

2.   Rice bran oil is very stable oil for pan frying. It’s refined and stabilised like Olive or any other oil is. But rice oil has a higher smoke point which is where Olive oil has an edge over it. Olive oil is much cold pressed and requires no heat. Olive oil is no good for stir frying items but perfect for salad and splashing of cooked vegetables.

The overall composition of the oil is such that it makes the oil perfect for the healthy diet. It is essential to know everything of the oil before one includes in their daily food.

Key features of Rice Bran Oil

1.   The taste of this oil is mild nutty flavor; it does not clash with the taste buds of Indian food and can be used in the preparation of cookies and cakes. It can be used for sauntering, grilling, marinades and great for salad dressing.

2.   It has an equal proportion of fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. It has a balanced fatty acid composition and is free from trans-fats.

3.   It contains oryzanol- which is a helpful antioxidant that helps in decreasing cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination.

4.   It helps in stimulating serum cholesterol levels in the body.

5.   When food is cooked at high temperature, the food absorbs less oil. It also makes food less sticky.

6.   Because Squalene is present in this oil, hence it is easily absorbed by the skin and also makes skin soft, supple and smooth.

To wrap up, the oil not just keeps the heart healthy but it helps in improving the digestion process. But for those who have been suffering from some digestive tract issue, consulting a physician with regards to the use of rice bran oil is indeed essential. Hence, do not just use it but use it with full information and stay healthy to make your family healthier.

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