Top On-Page SEO Mistakes One Must Avoid!


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Everyone is well aware of the importance of SEO activity for the good search ranking of any Website. The SEO activity mainly comprises of On-page and Off-page activities and in which most marketers only give much important to Off-page and neglect the on-page SEO activity. However, if your target is to make it large with productive SEO activity, both On-page and Off-Page activity has to go hand-in-hand. If creating backlinks with off-page activity still plays a decisive role in boosting the ranking of a site, you must also pay attention that you are not committing any mistakes in undertaking your on-page activity unknowingly. So today we help you check out some silly on-page mistakes which most marketers commit and which they must avoid to get better results. Check them out!

  1. Slow Website loading

Many Research shows that the bounce rate on sites increase when target audience find the site too slow in operation. Even if there is a slow-down of single seconds, this can affect the conversion rate of the site. Especially if it is a shopping site, online shoppers won’t buy from a site if it loads slowly as it hits their patience level. What is interesting to note is that unintentionally sometimes contents on website turn up the duplicate. Such slows down the indexing, and this needs to be examined with the help of online speed tools to recover the speed of the site.

  1. Website not optimized for Mobile

Taking the rising trend in mobile searches into consideration, it is indeed important for marketers to focus on website optimization for mobile. Most marketers, unfortunately, miss out on this point and thus fail to acquire valuable search traffic. To check, if your website is mobile friendly, marketers need to perform the mobile-friendly test for the website.

  1. Insufficient Sitemap

One of the grave mistakes is not to have a proper sitemap which affects if not entirely but to some extent in the site ranking. Actually, with a good sitemap, the search engine spiders find it easy to crawl the site. It is even mentioned explicitly in the Google’s Webmaster guidelines that websites can benefit from having a sitemap.

  1. Forgetting to optimize the home page for conversion

Perhaps the homepage is the page that drives in maximum traffic on the site and has a great authority too. The content on the homepage may be minimal, and this is why marketers need to keep this page optimized for conversion purpose.

  1. Missing Social Share Buttons

Not having an appropriate social sharing configured on the website is another grave mistake to commit presently. Social sharing increases the chances of website visibility as the content which is shared through social buttons starts generating better results. Those websites having their blog section built on WordPress platform, configuring social share buttons is incredibly easy for them. On other CMs system too, the configuration process of social buttons is not tough either.

  1. Lack of Internal Linking

Many webmasters overlook the step of internal linking, but it is an integral part of on-page SEO method. It helps with such benefits like- allows visitors to stay long on the site, increases the chances of clicks on ads or promotional matters, lifts search engine rankings for the internal pages and also reduces the bounce rate and potentially influences the rankings. Marketers here, just need to ensure that there is at least one link per piece of on-site content to another page that is situated within site. They can use the keyword optimized anchor text to link the first page to the second. Hence, by removing all the on-page ducks mentioned above, we believe marketers can quickly boost the online presence of the site. In case, marketers wish to add any other point that is imperative for On-page SEO and which we have not mentioned in this blog, do let us know through your comments. Good Luck!    

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